COMING SOON - WJF 10 Deluxe Edition

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The WJF 10 Deluxe Edition

2014 was a very good year for the WJF. As part of the first year of SkillCon, the WJF awarded $7000 in prize money just to first place in the Overall Championship alone. Broadcast on ESPN International, these two hours of programming highlighted the full Advanced Overall Championship and 5 on 5 Team Combat including Sumo Combat and Breach.

In the deluxe edition, you will receive both programs as downloadable MPEG 4 files and streaming for immediate viewing. You’ll also receive downloadable H264 and MPEG 4 videos of:

WJF 10 Juniors and Intermediates
Juniors: Luka Duvnjak, Matthew Cole, Spencer Androli
Intermediates: Richard Kohut, Max Poff, Nick Stemp
H264 Download
36 Minutes, 19 Seconds

The SkillCon New Year’s Eve Public Show Highlights
Featuring The Aarrow Sign Spinners, Lauge Benjaminsen, Thomas Dietz,
Dominik Harant and Daniel Ledel
H264 Download
Run Time 21minutes, 28 Seconds

Thomas Dietz’s Practice Exhibition
Run time: 30 minutes, 49 seconds
H264 Download

Dominik Harant, Daniel Ledel and Vova Galchenko’s Team Practice Exhibition
3 minutes, 51 Seconds
MPEG 4 Download and Stream