Juggling: Fundamental Exercises and Practice Structure

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“This book is written to make you the best in the world... Read the book. Learn from it. Whatever you want to do with juggling, this book will help you do it better.” -Penn Jillette

A new incarnation of the previous "Theory and Practice of Juggling" book, this revision includes exercise level tests to help you chart and document your progress. Closely integrated with the “Theory and Practice of Juggling" DVD and "Etudes for Juggling" DVD, this book also includes several topics not covered in the DVDs such as preparing for competition, the ethics of juggling, perspectives on what can be done with juggling and what meaning is made of it, and more.

Using the videos as your visual aids, this book does what no other written juggling instruction attempts. In this book there are NO diagrams for you to scratch your head at. Still images, even in succession, are confusing and often times misleading. Therefore  we rely on the perfect video demonstrations from the DVDs while talking about the proven theory behind the exercises. With this book and the two instructional DVDs, you can keep yourself busy with juggling for a lifetime.

 New in this Edition:
- Extensive Club Throwing Technique
- Ring Juggling Technique
- Site Swaps
- Overhead Throws
- Body Throws
- Reverse Body Throws
- Shoulder Throws
- New Q & A section
- More in-depth instruction on backcrosses, 360s and 180s
- Updated Exercise and Nutritional Suggestions

- And much more...

JASON GARFIELD, founder and president of the World Juggling Federation, is one of world’s most respected jugglers. Now Jason reveals his training methods in this clear, practical, and very funny book that teaches juggling as the discipline and sport that it is and shows you how to train properly to maximize your full potential.