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Theory & Practice of Juggling

All I can say is WOW, 2 months ago I started juggling and I was struggling I received your DVD Theory and Practice of Juggling along with the book two weeks ago, and after viewing the three ball basic juggling I improved literally, within minutes; two week later I can juggle 60 throws and 60 catches. I am a firm believer in self discipline and hard training (I am an ex military man) your system of training suited me perfectly as it gave me real results. Hopefully I will able to attend one of your conventions, any chance there will be one in Canada in the near future? Keep up the excellent work Yours Truly Christian Emond 

Jason, I would like to thank you for all your hard work in putting together The Theory and Practice of Juggling DVD. When I got it for my birthday a few months ago , I was struggling with five balls. Now I've almost got the pattern solid enough to start learning five ball tricks. Your training methods reinforce good technique, making improvements happen at an astronomical rate. You are truly an amazing juggler and the best juggling trainer of all time. Take care, Ian

Dear Jason Garfield, I would just like to thank you for writing The Theory and Practice of Juggling, and making the DVD to go along with it. I got it for Christmas. I just loved reading it, and watching all the amazing juggling that you can do.  It also improved my juggling greatly. Before I got it, I was working on a 5 ball cascade. I would just see how long I could go for...which didn't end up being that long. But once I adopted your practice structure and worked on 5 throws ten times in a row etc.., I did much better. My record has gone from a measly 33 catches to about 70 now.  Thanks for making it all possible with your guides to juggling. They are awesome! Your Fan, Kevin Hardy

Hi Jason,

Last year, while recuperating from knee surgery, I took up juggling weighted balls for exercise. I bought your video last week on the WJF website and it's been a spectacular help, I'm already juggling 4-5 passes of 4 and throwing and catching 5 (no, not always with the weighted balls). This is something I've been trying to do for the past 6 months unsuccessfully, and in my apartment, no less.


David P.S. Oh, by the way, you're brilliant (<-shameless ploy to elicit a response). 

I've never thanked you for how much your juggling instructions have helped me become a better juggler. Right now, in a regular workout, I'm qualifying seven balls about 50% of the time, hitting three up 360s about 30% of the time, and can do a 3 up 360 with 5 about 10% of the time. I can also throw 10 pancakes in a row about 5% of the time - 5 about 40%. Your exercises and advancement processes remind me a lot of learning classical piano - I've dabbled in a few advanced pieces. It's very satisfying learning with your method. I bought your book and DVD in Vegas, of course.  The NFL had Halas. The WJF has Garfield. I wish all the best to you today. I'm feeling extremely psyched and proud to having attended the event, so I can only imagine the satisfaction you must feel today. Keep it up, and let me know if I can be of assistance to you in any way. Perhaps after the ESPN shows, jugglers will no longer have to learn guitar to get laid. If that is true, for that alone you will forever be known as the most important juggler of all time! - Michael 

Mr. Garfield,

At the end of your book, you asked for feedback. So, if you've got a minute or two, I'd like to sing your praises and tell you a story.

I taught myself how to juggle when I was about 12. I never took it seriously, it was just something to keep my hands busy if I was bored. I didn't even bother to move beyond a three ball cascade until I was, like, seventeen. Then I got myself a job working the radio at a small town Sheriff's office on the midnight shift. In a town of less than two thousand people, that means I was paid to sit around and watch a phone not ring all night. Basically, it was boring as hell, and I needed something to do.

So, I bought a book on juggling. Dancy's Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling, I believe. And I taught myself some new tricks. Badly. Very badly. I never saw video of any of them being executed, so, I didn't know a damn thing about form or posture or anything like that. So, I basically hammered away at it for three years. I learned a bunch of tricks that I thought I was impressed by Mills' Mess, Windmills, things like that.

Finally I saved up enough cash to go to college. While I was here, I bumped into a few other jugglers. And, I was disturbed. They were hippies. They never wore shoes while juggling, they smelled. They made wacky faces and pretended that tricks even I knew were easy were incredibly difficult. They were clowns. I hate clowns. The kicker came when they showed me a copy of Chris Bliss' juggling video and said he was the most amazing thing they'd ever seen.

The worst part, though, was that they were all doing the same tricks that I was, the same moves, and they were all being impressed by them. I was one of them.

I said to myself, "That's it. There's more to juggling than this. There has to be, because I really like juggling, but I refuse to associate myself with these clowns and hippies." So, I started poking around the internet. I looked up great jugglers, and watched them, and realized how terrible my form really was. Through your Chris Bliss parody video, I found your website. I watched every video of you, Dietz, the Galchenkos, and a few others that I could find. And I began to understand what juggling could be.

I began to expand upon my skills. Instead of learning more new pointless tricks, I focused on refinement. I taught myself to juggle all over again. I learned clubs, I tried rings. I even got a diabolo just to try it out. I figure, the more I experience, the more experience I have to draw upon.

Finally, about three days ago, I received your Theory and Practice of Juggling book and DVD. I don't know how much sense this'll make, but all of a sudden, I understood what I was doing. I mean, I always more or less knew how to juggle, but now I really understood it. After two days of practice under the principles in your book and DVD, I doubled the number throws and catches I can make with four balls (58 continuous catches is my best, up from 22 a week ago, and an average run is now 40-ish, up from about 12 a week ago). And I can flash five balls ten times in a row, whereas I had problems doing it once last week.

I don't know what average progress under your program is, but I think that's pretty amazing. And I'm doing all of it with better form than I managed to do a three ball cascade with a year ago. Best of all, I look way better juggling than any of the hippies on campus now.

So, yeah. Sorry for the long e-mail, I'm sure you're a busy dude. Just wanted to thank you for helping me be a better juggler, and for giving me real goals to work towards.


Thank you for working so hard at perfecting an art and skill that is truly entertaining to watch. You have rekindled my love for juggling and have given me an excuse to teach my daughter (after reading your book of course)… speaking of your book. I don’t know if you ship them yourself but if you do, I just placed an order before writing this monologue and if you could be so kind as to autograph it I would be very appreciative. Sincerely, Andrew

Hi Jason, Donna & I really enjoyed our sessions with you. You gave us a realistic sense of approach and perspective in our training and expectations. And, to boot, the time spent with you was a lot of fun. I wanted to summarize for your possible future use what, in our opinion, juggling does for us old timers... --- At our age, it is still possible to register strong gains in neuro-motor skills. This is most gratifying and fun. The menu is shrinking for activities available to us for registering such genuine progress. Juggling stands out as an excellent option. --- It's a terrific "social lubricant" between us and youngsters like our grandkids. They're intrigued and fascinated by it and it creates the strong illusion (false though it may be) that we're "cool" and worth hanging out with... Makes us definite "kid magnets!" --- "If you don't use it, you lose it!" Fresh scientific conclusions are surfacing all the time that seniors need to keep exercising and challenging their brains to keep the rust off. Those involved in stimulating and challenging activities endure longer and better. Donna and I are betting that juggling is an appropriate choice for such maintenance... Jason, we wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. It's exciting to watch you nurturing along your passion into such a successful business venture. It takes a lot of courage, vision and hard work. You should be very proud. You should be proud, too, of your very high level teaching skills. They are every bit as good as your fantastic juggling abilities. We're working hard so we'll be better when we meet again... Best, Donna & Ed Kreusser 

Hi Jason, I received your Theory and Practice of Juggling 2008 edition DVD over the holidays, and just wanted to share that it has been extremely useful to me. I'm thrilled that you broke everything down in such great detail, and provided preliminary exercises for tackling the harder patterns.

It has really helped my 6 ball practice. Also, I own clubs but had pretty much stopped using them early on because they felt uncomfortable to use. After relearning 3 clubs using your techniques, they feel great. As silly as it is, I was using way too much wrist, and not angling the clubs right. I'm excited to start work on 4.

Anyway, thanks!


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